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GARBAGE TAG Change for 2023

•Effective January 1, residents can place two (2) bags of garbage at the curb for collection UNTAGGED.  •If there are more than two (2) bags curbside, those additional bags MUST be tagged with an orange or silver tag. •Orange tags can be used until January 1, 2025, but will no longer be sold. Tags available for purchase are now silver, and cos...

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Emterra has cancelled recycling pickup for today.  Pickup will now be WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 28, 2022.  If you have any questions, please contact Emterra by calling 1-855-532-7555. Garbage pickup will be completed as scheduled. Collection is up to the discretion of the driver, so if they do not feel safe on any portion of the route, pick...

If you need to pay a tax or water bill, or are looking to purchase a dog tag or garbage stickers, you must do so before 4:30pm this Friday afternoon, when the Township office closes for the holidays. The Township office will not reopen until Tuesday January 3rd at 9:00am. **IF YOU WILL BE BURNING OVER THE HOLIDAY CLOSURE, YOU MUST CALL IN PRIOR TO ...

ATTENTION: CHANGES TO RECYCLING PICKUP DECEMBER 16, 2022 The Township of Montague was just informed by our recycling contractor, Emterra, that pickup for December 16, 2022 has been cancelled due to weather conditions. There has been no confirmation regarding a new pickup date for this week's material.  Keep an eye out on our social media pages...

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