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We would like to remind all builders, contractors and residents in the Township that our building staff are available for inquiries and for permit applications. We are also available for zoning inquiries. The Township of Montague will continue to review plans and issue permits, where appropriate, in compliance with the emergency order issued on April 4th, 2020. The Township will be issuing permits for future construction and building projects with the understanding that it is the contractors responsibility to comply with the current emergency order.

The emergency order provides limitations on the types of construction activities allowed in the township. It can be found here. The order allows for the maintenance and repair of residential, institutional and commercial spaces and the continuation of construction projects issued permits prior to April 4th, 2020.

Inspections will not be carried out on non-compliant construction projects. Any non-compliant construction may need to be uncovered for inspection after the ban is lifted. It is the responsibility of the contractor to not start construction on projects that did not receive a permit before 11:59 pm April 4, 2020.

Please note that the current situation is subject to change, given the COVID-19 situation, further Provincial Orders and other Township decisions. Please continue to monitor this page for updates.


A building permit is required for any structure measuring more than 108 square feet (10 m2), including farm structures. All fees must be paid prior to commencement of any construction.

Building Permits are required for:

  • any free standing structures over 100 sq. ft.
  • additions to existing structures over 100 sq. ft.
  • garages,
  • decks,
  • plumbing or alterations to plumbing
  • both residential and commercial renovations/alterations
  • accessory buildings,
  • swimming pools, and
  • the installation of a wood stove or outdoor furnace, and
  • demolitions.

If you are thinking about a construction project, we recommend contact the building department in your early planning stages so we can help identify the steps for your consideration and this will avoid any potential costly delays and disappointments.

We wish to emphasize that the Building Department enforces the Ontario Building Code. Questions concerning Zoning or land use By-Laws should be directed to the Planning Department and any questions concerning property drainage and grading should be directed to the Public Works Department.

Building/Demolition Permits may also be picked up at the township office.

New Home? An entrance permit must be in place either from the Province, the County of Lanark or the Township of Montague Public Works Department prior to the issuance of a building permit. Final inspection of the entrance must be completed before occupancy is permitted in new construction projects.

Entrance Permits

Also, the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit must be contacted to determine the septic requirements for all new single‐family dwellings and most additions to existing dwellings.

Mailboxes installed on Township roadsides are permitted as a courtesy and are the responsibility of the property owner. Posts for mail boxes should be forty-two inches above the ground, with the front of the mailbox eight inches from the edge of the road or shoulder. Posts should be 4x4 inch wood posts or a two-inch thin wall steel pipe.

During the winter the Township will not clear entrance culverts that have become blocked as a result of improper snow disposal by the resident. Culverts that collapse, deteriorate or become unsuitable for proper drainage at any time must be replaced by the property owner at their own expense.

Roadside ditches are not a public utility; property owners do not have the right to outlet to roadside ditches. The Township reserves the right to remove or restrict any outlets to ditches that cause operational issues or damage to the drainage system. If you need to direct water to the Township’s ditches, it is recommended that you contact the Township’s Public Works Department before proceeding.

Existing entrances that are affected by the reconstruction/rehabilitation of a Township Road will be reinstated by the Township of Montague. If you are having your driveway re-paved, consider having the Public Works department check the condition of the culvert beforehand. If you are building a new home, your building permit cannot be issued until the Building Department receives confirmation that you have applied for an entrance culvert from Public Works.

All land severances are governed by the Lanark County Land Division Committee (LCLDC). Applications for severances can be picked up at the Township Office, but must be submitted to the LCLDC in Perth. The Official Plan for the Township states that there can be a maximum of three severances from a property without a plan of subdivision.

Basic Requirements

Basic requirements for severances are:

  • Property must be 1 acre and have 46 metres of frontage on a road for residential use on rural zoned properties
  • Property must be 2 hectares for all other permitted uses on rural zoned properties.
  • Other zones may have other requirements. The Official Plan for the Township states that there can be a maximum of three severances from a property without a plan of subdivision.

The Line Fences Act provides a procedure for the resolution of line fence disputes between owners of adjoining properties. The act does not deal with disputes about fences that are not on a boundary line.

When is the Line Fences Act Used

The Line Fences Act is applicable in the following two situations:

  • No fence currently exists at the boundary between the two properties and one owner wants a new fence to be constructed to mark the boundary
  • Where a line fence already exists, and one owner believes that it needs to be reconstructed or repaired
Fence Viewers

To solve this, property owners can request that the Township assign “fence-viewers” to resolve the dispute and issue a decision.  A fence-viewer can only address two situations:

  • The appointment of responsibility for the fencing work between the two owners
  • The description of the fence that is to be constructed or reconstructed on the boundary line, including the materials to be used

The Township of Montague encourages property owners to attempt to reach a peaceful solution before contacting the Township to help resolve the issue. However, if you are experiencing a dispute, please contact the Clerk to discuss the problem or receive further information. If a viewing is conducted, ALL costs are to be paid by one or both of the property owners.

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