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Septic Systems

Effective October 1st, 2022, the Township of Montague will be responsible for septic services for properties located within its jurisdiction.  The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit will continue to oversee applications submitted prior to that date.


SEWAGE SYSTEM PERMIT - For private sewage systems with flows up to 10,000 litres/day (See Note #1 below)$721.00N/A$721.00
TERTIARY SEWAGE SYSTEM PERMIT (See Note #2 below)$798.00N/A$798.00
PERMIT RENEWAL/REVISION - With Site Inspection$206.00N/A$206.00
PERMIT RENEWAL/REVISION - Without Site Inspection$62.00N/A$62.00
SITE INSPECTIONS - Septic Tank Replacement Only, Alterations, Class 2 & 3 Sewage Systems$360.00N/A$360.00
MAINTENANCE INSPECTIONS - Minor Variances, Zoning By-laws, Building Renovations, Septic Re-Inspections$206.00N/A$206.00
SEVERANCE APPLICATION - If an inspection is required$443.00N/A$443.00
* MULTIPLE SEVERANCES - When more than one application is submitted pertaining to a particular landholding, the fee is $180.00 for each additional application, if submitted at the same time.
SUBDIVISION PLAN REVIEW - Non-communal Sewage Systems$200.00/lot up to a maximum fee of $5,000.00+ 13% HST
FILE SEARCHES$103.00N/A$103.00

These fees include the cost of legal services, review of studies, consultant services, administration, education, and promotional activities.

Note #1:  The Ministry of the Environment will be responsible for sewage works where the design capacity is in excess of 10,000 litres/day under the Ontario Water Resources Act.

Note #2:  Tertiary Treatment Systems (Level 4 Treatment) are Ecoflo, Eljen, Waterloo Biofilter, ATL, EnviroSeptic, Norweco, and Biomicrobics and require Maintenance Agreements upon installation completion.

Payment Options:

  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Cheque (payable to Township of Montague)
  • We do not accept credit cards

 Applications and Forms:

 The following forms are available for you to complete and submit to the Township Office, along with the applicable fees:

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