Hydro One provides all hydro facilities to the Township. For all inquiries visit their website at hydroone.com or 1-877-955-1155.

Natural Gas

The Township of Montague has service for natural gas through Enbridge. They can be contacted at 1-877-362-7434 or by visiting their website at enbridge.com.

Water and Sewer

Water and sewer services are provided to most of the township by private wells and septic systems. However, for those living in the Atironto subdivision on the border of Smiths Falls, water and sewer services are provided by the Town of Smiths Falls. Those residents are then billed by Montague Township for the services.  Bills are sent out every two months. The approved water and sewer budget for 2019 can be found here. The water rate bylaw can be found here. 

Utility Fee Schedule (bi-monthly)
Atironto - Water & Sewer Rates - Effective April 1, 2019
Base Water$ 84.61
Consumption - Water (per cubic metres)$ 2.010
Base Sewer$ 87.75
Consumption - Sewer (per cubic metres)$ 2.080
Rideau - Water & Sewer Rates - Effective April 1, 2019
Base Water$ 125.09
Consumption - Water (per cubic metres)$ 1.691
Base Sewer$ 130.03
Consumption - Sewer (per cubic metres)$ 1.758


Weekly testing is done for residents who are on the Montague Township distribution system. The Township of Montague has contracted the services of Caduceon Environmental Laboratories in Kingston to perform the testing of Heterotrophic Plate Count, Total Coliform and E. coli.

Any Resident who would like their water tested can come out to the Township Office and pick up sample kit. All samples must be returned to the Health Unit located at 25 Johnston St, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 0A4 between Monday and Thursday.

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Township of Montague

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