Mailboxes installed on Township roadsides are permitted as a courtesy and are the responsibility of the property owner.  Posts for mail boxes should be forty-two inches above the ground, with the front of the mailbox eight inches from the edge of the road or shoulder. Posts should be 4x4 inch wood posts or a two-inch thin wall steel pipe. 


During the winter the Township will not clear entrance culverts that have become blocked as a result of improper snow disposal by the resident. Culverts that collapse, deteriorate or become unsuitable for proper drainage at any time must be replaced by the property owner at their own expense.


Roadside ditches are not a public utility; property owners do not have the absolute right to outlet to roadside ditches. The Township reserves the right to remove or restrict any outlets to ditches that cause operational issues or damage to the drainage system. If you need to direct water to the Township’s ditches, it is recommended that you contact the Township’s Public Works Department before proceeding.

Road Reconstruction/Rehabilitation

Existing entrances that are affected by the reconstruction/rehabilitation of a Township Road will be reinstated by the Township of Montague. If you are having your driveway re-paved, consider having the Public Works department check the condition of the culvert beforehand.  If you are building a new home, your building permit cannot be issued until the Building Department receives confirmation that you have applied for an entrance culvert from Public Works.

Winter Maintenance

The Township has a Winter Maintenance Policy that sets out the standards and expectations for road conditions during the winter season.  To view this policy, please click here.  If you have any further questions about this policy, contact the Clerk-Administrator at 613-283-7478 ext. 210.

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