Animal Services

The Township of Montague regulates and provides for the licensing of dogs. All dogs in Montague Township must be registered and wear a numbered metal tag when outdoors. Tags expire on December 31 and must be renewed annually. Renewal fees double after March 29. Tagging a dog increases the chance of the dog being returned to its owner, without penalty, should it stray.

Please be aware that when you own a pet it is YOUR responsibility to not allow the pet to disturb your neighbours or other people in the community as per Section VIII in By-law 2752-2003 – Animal Control Bylaw which states:

"No person shall permit their dog to make or cause excessive noises or sounds that disturb or tend to disturb the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment or comfort: (a) of the neighbourhood, or (b) of persons who inhabit any dwelling, apartment or type of residence in the vicinity."


Dog Tag Per Dog
Prior To or On March 31st$ 15.00
After March 31st$ 30.00
Replacement Fee for Lost Tags $ 5.00
Guide Dog Tags and ReplacementsNo Charge
Kennel Licence
Prior To or On March 31st$ 75.00
After March 31st$ 125.00

If you have any questions about dog tags, kennel licenses or would like to report a loose dog, contact Ms. Lowson.

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