The Committee of Adjustment consists of three residents of the community and a secretary who is an employee of the Township.  The Committee meets whenever there is an application for consideration. The purpose of the Committee is to evaluate and make decisions on minor variances and permit a change of use or extension of non-conforming use.

Committee Members
J. Abbass (Resident)
B. Gibbs (Resident)

Next Committee Meeting
As required

Committee Members
Brandy Attewell
Bonnie Burson
Jeff Carroll (Councillor)
Vince Carroll
Maggie Kubisewsky
Suzanne Lagarde
Valerie Morris
Bruce Patterson
Melissa Sargent
Ian Streight (Councillor)
Karen Jennings (Councillor - Alternate)

Next Committee Meeting
The fourth Tuesday of every month at 5pm.

The Property Standards Committee is made up of three citizens and a staff members who serves as secretary.

If you have any property standards concerns, please put them in writing and send them to:

Property Standards Officer
P.O. Box 755
Smiths Falls, ON K7A 4S6


Committee Members

Next Committee Meeting
As required

The Montague Police Services Board is the independent body that provides direction and accountability to the OPP.  The Board is made up of one member of Council, one local resident appointed by the Province of Ontario and one local resident appointed by Township Council.

Message from our Chair

As the current chair of the Montague Police Service Board I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the board and its members. I am a provincial appointee and have been a member of the board for about five years. I took over as chair last year. Bill Dobson was the previous chair and as Reeve, remains a member of the board.  We are joined on the board this year by Bill Lye. Jasmin Ralph keeps us on track and provides the necessary administrative support and expertise in board governance. Together, we represent Montague Township and provide guidance to the OPP in accordance with the provisions of the Police Services Act.

We are blessed to live in an area with very little crime. That said, there are issues and our OPP detachment commander, Inspector Derek Needham, has been very responsive to our concerns.

Thanks to the initiative of Inspector Needham and Stephanie Grey, Lanark County has one of the most proactive risk mitigation programs in the Province.  A few years ago, Derek and Stephanie were able to obtain grants to introduce the Situation Table to Lanark County.  I invite everyone to learn more about this great program, but here are a few highlights:

  • There are more than 20 local front-line, human-service agencies actively participating at the Situation Table.
  • Persons with an acutely elevated risk are referred to the Table for intervention with appropriate agencies - all managed in a privacy-protective process.
  • No personal information is collected or maintained, but a de-identified database tracks general demographics, risk factors, study flags, involved agencies and services mobilized. Mental health, social services, counselling, medical health and housing were the top services mobilized.
  • Since inception, hundreds of referrals (most by police) have been made and over 85% have had their overall risk lowered.  
    The most common issues involve mental health, substance abuse, parenting, criminal involvement and antisocial/negative behaviour.

These proactive interventions are already successfully improving community safety, helping the individuals with their well-being and reducing the frequency of contacts with police.

The provincial government recently mandated that municipalities work with police services and local service providers in health care, social services and education to develop community safety and well-being plans that proactively address community safety concerns.  

More information is available at: Ontario Building Stronger, Safer Communities

Thanks to the Situation Table, Lanark (and Montague) is already well-ahead of most other municipalities.

More recently, the Lanark County Detachment and Lanark County Mental Health were successful in obtaining a Proceeds of Crime Grant for a new initiative that partners a Community Mental Health Registered Nurse with the OPP.  Under this initiative, an RN with clinical experience and expertise in mental and medical health will be able to provide immediate and comprehensive crisis response.

If you have any questions or concerns about policing in your area, please send me an e-mail and I will follow up as appropriate.

Committee Members
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., CD, P.Eng., C.Tech, PSP, Chair (Provincial Appointed Member)
Bill Dobson (Council Appointee)
Bill Lye (Citizen Member)

Next Committee Meeting

Council operates under a Committee of the Whole Structure whereby Community Services and Corporate Services committee meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month and Economic Development and Public Works committee meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each month. County Council meets prior to each of the committee meetings at 5p.m. 

Montague Council Members
Bill Dobson (Councillor)
Klass Van Der Meer (Councillor)

Next Committee Meeting
The first and fourth Wednesday of each month.

The Merrickville-Wolford Public Library Board is made up of 6 members appointed by the Municipal Council: 5 from Merrickville-Wolford (including one Council member) and 1 from Montague Township.

What does the Library Board do?

The Public Libraries Act, a provincial statute, designates library boards as governing boards. As such, library boards perform many functions, including the following tasks:

  • determine library services
  • advocate on behalf of the library
  • overseeing the library’s finances
  • seek funds through the Municipal Council’s budget and through other funding opportunities
  • appoint and oversee the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

**** There are two representatives appointed to the Merrickville Public Library Board. *****

Montague Board Member

Next Board Meeting
The second Tuesday of every month at 12:30 pm

Smiths Falls Library Board

There is one citizen representative appointed to the Smiths Falls Library Board. 

One member of Council is appointed to represent the Township. For more information on the Authority and their activities, please visit their website.

Committee Members

Next Committee Meeting
The fourth Thursday of every month at 6:30pm

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